Copictopia – CASC1

CASC1I am happy to announce that Copictopia has finally started it’s sketch challenges!!! I LOVE sketch challenges! I know that some of you do as well so you should go take a gander!

It was a lot of fun making this card! I used Robot 1 from Copictopia’s new digital stamp line the GO GO ROBOTO Collection. The sentiment is “You make my circuits spark” so I made little sparks coming out of his “ears” and made his tummy all fired up like we all get when we are in love. The little bolts were made from a hexagon impressions folder from Sizzix and some gray cardstock. The cardstock was then embossed with silver embossing powder. My son and I cut out the shapes and punched holes in them to make them look like what he calls lug nuts.

IMG_4416Over at Copictopia they have noticed that there are not a of stamps in the world for our men. So they are trying to have equal amounts for the men in our lives too. So with that in mind it was so much fun making this card.. then my son saw what I was doing and wanted to help as well. :) Just makes for a happy heart!


Tiddly Ink DT Call!

IMG_4374 Yes you saw correctly! Tiddly Inks is having a DT call and I of COURSE had to try out!!! I LOVE Tiddly Inks. They are one of my faves! Christy from Tiddly Inks said to use your favorite stamp and this would be it (well the most fave I should say)! This one is called Wryn – Hanging Around. She is a lot of fun and great to color and there are so many things that you can do with her! Just think of all the possibilities that you can use this digital stamp for.. birthdays, congrats (even graduation congrats), Heck I have even used it for a 65 birthday card – so it is not just for the young… it is also for the young at heart!

I added a few flowers and made it look like they were coming off the tree as miss Wryn was playing in its branches. Of course we had to have some bling too! My daughter would never IMG_4377forgive me for that one :)

The saying at the bottom says ” Every day is the perfect adventure” I know it is a little small. But that is what it says.

I hope that you enjoy the card as much as I do, as I don’t think I will be able to give it away I just love it to much! (I think I need a support group for card hoarding haha!)

Please!!! go over and see Tiddly Inks – if not to try out for the design team, that at least check out the digital stamps, and she has clear stamps as well if you prefer to have the stamps in your hand. You won’t want to miss Christy’s wonderful art work!!


To Blend or Not To Blend ….

blendtThat would be the question!!!!  I just made this awesome shirt!!!  and you can get yours for only $16+shipping!

It says “To blend or …  Not to blend that is the question!” with a picture of a beautiful flower and a butterfly that you can even color with your copics as I have left it blank so that can be done.

I know all my crafty friends are bound to love this shirt!!!

If you like copics or if you are in love with Stampin’ Up!’s Blendablities either way.. this is a shirt for you!

Business demonstrators – this is a great way to strike up that conversation about your blendablities!!

Get yours today! Only around for a limited 5 days – and was designed by yours truly ME!


Here is how it works!!! You sign up for a pre-order for the shirt – and when I reach my goal your card/paypal will be charged and the shirt will be on its way… but sadly if I don’t reach my goal none of them will be printed and no one will get any shirts :) So make sure you tell ALLLL your friends so we can all be sure to get our shirts – yes even I ordered one!


Long time no post!

Gosh so many things have happened in my life! Tis the reason for no posting! So sorry. But I do have a lot of stuff to share with you! I have been taking small times out to color with my beloved copics in the mix of…. you ready.. you sitting down?

  • Moved to California… yes I am no longer in the Seattle area… I am now in Whitewater California which is just about 10-15 minutes (depending if I am driving or the hubby is.. haha!) outside of Palm Springs California.
  • I opened my own online craft store… and I am getting ready to start teaching classes.
  • Speaking of teaching classes I am also going to be homeschooling my kids. I am very excited about it! But still you seriously need to pray for me! haha!
  • Started to draw again to start my own line of exclusive stamp sets – right now they will be digital and made into rubber later if it shows that everyone loves them enough :)
  • I have been putting inventory in my store.. I am happy to say that I am also carrying besides copic markers some awesome paper crafting supplies and I don’t even have them all up yet! But I am just to excited not to have everything up and live.  You should really check it out!

10491103_10202824562150215_7396927916058316856_nSo yes, there has been TONS going on in my life! The biggest thing was the move – that took a lot out of me! But I PROMISE you will be seeing more posting from me. If you don’t hear from me it is probably because I am posting on the blog over at Copictopia! You will not want to miss that! We will have stamp releases… product releases…. tutorials… tips… sketch challenges and more! It is going to be so much fun!!! But I will still be sharing my creations over here too! I miss you all!!!

Copictopia is now open!

Copictopia LogoThat is right! I have Copictopia – everything Copic that you could want.. up and ready to sell! Granted I don’t have EVERYTHING Copic has to offer up on the site, but I have the basics. If there is something that you are looking for please feel free to email me, and I can get you a price quote.

Copic Sketch markers are $5.50 each, Ciao markers are $4 each. I also have the Copic X-Press It Cardstock on there as well. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am very excited to be offering these markers at a price a little better than the stores, so we can all afford them.

Check it out now!

Fun Fact Friday! What’s Your Favorite Copic?

This is something new and going to be fun! My life is getting to be surrounded more and MORE around Copic markers and my love for them, and now teaching people about them! You will probably see more and more tutorials, fun facts and just stuff about Copic markers on my site. I am very excited about this!

So our first Fun Fact Friday: Did you know there are 4 different body styles in the Copic Marker family? Which is your favorite and why?



logoOkay so it isn’t offical YET! (yet of course is the key word here!) But later next week I will be finding out more about getting set up with Imagination International to be a dealer for them selling Copic Markers!!!

THATS RIGHT! You can get your Copic markers, Ink refills, X-pressit Paper and more over at my A Muse For Inspiration site!! But don’t worry I will have a link to the store at the top of this site so you don’t have to worry about getting lost :)

It is in the beginning stages… But I just can’t hold in the excitement!

Please keep me in your prayers that all goes well and smooth! :)



Starter List of Copics

I have been asked serveral times “What Copics should I start out with?”. I have to say this is not the easiest question since we are all different in what colors that we like. So I put together a small list of what I think would be the ideal colors for someone starting out getting their first set of Copic markers.

Each color family includes a light, medium & dark tone for blending—great starter set to build on.

Reds: R29, R24, R22

Skin Tones: E11, E00, E000, R20 (for blush)

Pinks: R85, R83, R81 (or) R20, R22 (or) RV000, RV21, RV23

Blues: B97, B93, B91 Or B26, B24, B21

Aquas: BG75, BG72, BG11, BG10

Greens: G99, G82, G40 (or) YG67, YG63, G20

Yellows: Y000, Y11, Y13, Y21, Y26

Oranges: YR00, YR12, YR18

Peaches: YR000, YR00, YR02

Browns: (good for benches/wood/hair) E29, E25, E53 (or ) E39, E33, E34

Grays: C9, C7, C4, C2, C1

Purples: V000, V12, V15, V17

Lavender: V93, V95, V99 or V20, V22, V24

Accessories: Copic Colorless Blender & Copic Multiliner fine (0.3) in black

Deconstructed Sketch 130

IMG_4198 Another mouse? Seriously? Yup, I love mice, I am a strange one. I used to have several hamsters and gerbils when I was a kid and now I actually have a dog named mouse – because that was the size he was when he wasIMG_1174 born. Think baby mouse that could fit into a lipstick. That is my little mouse to the right.. I love him! He is a 3lb 3oz Yorkshire Terrier who actually just became a proud papa a few weeks ago for the second time.

But this sweet little birthday mouse is actually for a friend of mines little girl who just had her 11th birthday. I hope that she likes it. I put it in the mail the other day. Wow! me? Actually put a card I made in the mail!! You know that she is special because I hoard the cards that I love, and I love this one. I had to color a second mouse just so that I could make another card that looks like this one.

I had to do my typical flag that I love doing that is all curly with a button (which I hoard as well). I also had IMG_4199to bling it up a little bit by putting some glitter on it too. I hope my friend doesn’t kill me for that. Hopefully there wont be to much glitter in there when they open up the card when they get it in the mail. So here is hoping that it doesn’t get to crazy.

I think the only other time that I send out cards is to my downline every month. Or at least I do my best to do sketch130so.

I also made this card for the Deconstruction Sketch I really like these sketches but this if the first time that I have ever been able to do one because of life just being to busy. So I am very excited to be able to join in this time.

I used a whipper snapper stamp for the mouse, not sure of the name sorry, a friend stamped off a few of the mouse for me. However the sentiment came from an A Muse Studio stamp set called “Woohoo for you” super cute set! But then I love all A Muse Studio stamp sets :)

The paper is all A Muse Studio , Sugar, Grapefruit, Polka Dot Grapefruit, and French Roast. The button is A Muse Studio Bubblegum Buttons. The coloring was done with Copic Markers – sorry I had it written down what I used but now I can’t find the paper and I can’t remember what they were. The twine is also A Muse Studio as well.

If you like sketches as much as I do you will want to check this one out! They are all wonderful sketches and I can’t wait to join in the next one as well. I had a lot of fun! thanks Jen!

Posting again

hey there everyone :)

I wanted to let you all know that I have decided to start posting on this blog again, which will also go into my fan page on facebook. I have found the freedom in creating things with all things instead of just one particular product. I love my A Muse Studio, I love my Stampin’ Up! but I have discovered DIGI STAMPS (woohoo!!!!) and I am loving every minute of them with my new found love of copic markers and now that I am a copic marker instructor I am having way to much fun coloring! I feel like I am being naughty for as much fun as I am having! What is great is that my kids are also loving the copic markers and are having a great time!

so I wanted to let you know that I will be putting things on here that are all things wonderful and creative. This blog will be a blog about just having fun “Gettin’ Crafty” :)